20+ Best Apple Watch Games You can Enjoy in Your Free Time (Paid + Free)

20+ Best Apple Watch Games You can Enjoy in Your Free Time (Paid + Free)

Did you know that you can play games on your Apple Watch?

Even though the whole point of an Apple Watch is to keep you fit, healthy, and productive, occasionally having some fun never harmed anyone! But let's face it, you won't get an entirely immersive gaming experience on the Apple Watch, but you surely will find some great pass-time activities. 

The top Apple Watch games (both paid and free) available right now are listed in this blog!

Best Paid Apple Watch Games

Apple Watch has a number of games to choose from. Most of these games range from $0.99 to $2.99 only. You can enjoy any of these 9 Apple Watch games:

  1. 20 Watch Games - Classic Pack 
  2. Arcadia - Arcade Watch Games 
  3. Jupiter Attack
  5. Lifeline 2
  6. Pocket Bandit
  7. Retro Twist
  8. Rules!
  9. Tiny Armies

20 Watch Games - Classic Pack 

Playing the traditional snake game on the sleek screen of your Apple Watch might be one of the best ways to spend your free time. You may play the 20 minigames in this retro game collection on a number of Apple devices — Apple Watch, Apple TV, iPhone, and iPad. The famed snake game is included in this box, along with Sudoku, Minesweeper, Maze Man, and many others. 

Price: $0.99

Arcadia - Arcade Watch Games

Do games like  Galaxy Invaders, Snake, and Pong make you want to go back to your neighborhood arcade and play old-school games on the massive arcade machines?

Arcadia brings the good-old arcade machines to your Apple Watch. The good thing is that there aren't any commercials, IAPs, or user monitoring so you can just play in peace and get a blast from the past.

Price: $1.99

Jupiter Attack

If Space Invaders was your favorite game as a kid, then you’ll definitely love Jupiter Attack!

In this Apple Watch game, you control a spaceship that must battle hordes of hostile ships that are determined to destroy Earth.

The controls are straightforward, and you can maneuver your ship and make sure you beat the enemy before they fight you using the touch interface and Digital Crown on your Apple Watch.

Price: $1.99


Text with a Soviet bot from 1985 that is unaware that the Cold War is finished. Converse casually with an AI that may be linked to the second-largest nuclear stockpile in the world. You'll have to choose from a variety of options and follow the game's lead. 

Do you continue the scam or try to persuade the A.I. that their 30 years of training were in vain? You alone will decide and be responsible for the results.

Price: $1.99

Lifeline 2

You can explore yet another unique narrative game on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch. The second volume in the wildly popular Lifeline series, which debuted to rave reviews, is titled Lifeline 2. Although the graphics are nicer, there is a lot of unique material, and there are no in-app purchases.

Price: $0.99

Pocket Bandit

Pocket Bandit is among the most popular paid Apple Watch games.

In the game, you will need to carefully dodge the anti-theft mechanisms set on some of the vaults as you break into them to steal cash, jewelry, and other precious stuff. On your Apple Watch, this is a great game to pass the time.

Price: $0.99

Retro Twist

If you enjoy having several games in one bundle and you've had enough of Arcadia, you must definitely give Retro Twist a try. Retro Twist, which is similar to Arcadia, offers a number of classic games on your Apple Watch, but as the name implies, these games have a twist.

You may play Super Jump, an infinite runner right now. Fans of the original Contra game will appreciate Contra Pang, as well as other interesting games like Moon Snake, Retro Racer, Circle Break, and more. And everything for a really affordable price.

Price: $0.99


Puzzles are a great way to pass the time, have some fun, and freshen up your mind since they may keep you interested for hours.

Try the premium Apple Watch game called Rules! to solve problems. In order to easily pass the later levels, you'll need to recall and memorize some of the principles from the previous stages, so that's how you'll train your brain to remember things.

Don't be shocked, though, because Rules! may occasionally get rather quick and challenging, providing a terrific challenge for those who enjoy competition.

Price: $2.99

Tiny Armies

Another popular Apple Watch game is Tiny Armies. The game offers a variety of playing types, such as solitary play, buddy battles, and even an iMessage app.

Swiping is all you need to play the game, but when natural elements like lakes and mountains are introduced, the levels get more challenging. You must prepare ahead of time since this is a turn-based strategy game because each action counts.

Price: $0.99

Best Free Games For Apple Watch 

Want to play free games? Here are the top 12 free Apple Watch games for you:

  1. 2048
  2. Baby Adopter
  3. Bubble Wars 
  4. Checkers
  5. Chess
  6. Jellyfish Tap
  7. Laps!
  8. Par 72 Golf Watch
  9. Solitaire
  10. Trivia Crack
  11. Truth or Dare!! 
  12. Watch Pet


2048 is one of the all-time most popular mindless games to be played during a break or to clear your head during a commute. There is a matrix with a specific quantity of space, which is the basic idea. All numbers shift in the direction you swipe as you do. The blocks of numbers that match will combine to form a bigger number. It seems difficult to understand, but once you get going, it's simple!

Baby Adopter

Enjoy a baby's contagious chuckle throughout your breaks! You may choose an adopted child from a list of children of various ages, genders, and ethnicities using Baby Adopter. On your iPhone, you can care for your child, but your watch is the best way to immediately monitor their progress. It can be fed to, clothed, and given medication when ill. 

The game also includes additional egg search games, setting up the kiddo's room, and visiting other areas of the house.

Bubble Wars 

Games that involve shooting bubbles are extremely popular and have taken over people's lives for many years. Over 10 million people play Bubble Wars globally, and it is unquestionably addicting. If you have a smaller Apple Watch, you might have to squint to get the right image because the bubbles are so little. Because the game makes use of the Digital Crown and tapping for simple gameplay, it is simple to learn.


Using the Checkers app, channel your inner game lover. Play whenever and wherever you choose, not only in Central Park. The nicest feature of this program is that it automatically remembers your game data so you can pick up where you left off an hour, a week, or even a month later. Develop your plan, then triumph against your Apple Watch's vicious rival.


Chess is one of the best Apple Watch games. You can channel your inner  Elizabeth Harmon (from Queen’s Gambit) and play chess, not on the ceiling but on your wrist.

Simply click New Game to start a new adventure, and then you must wait for another player to join you. You can use this free Apple Watch game to master and put your best knight forward.

Jellyfish Tap

One of the best Apple Watch games in Jellyfish Tap. You must tap to leap, maintain your balance, and keep from colliding with the top, bottom, or other obstacles.

Although this game is fairly challenging, the poor world record will keep tempting you to keep playing! Even if you keep failing, the adorable yet simple design makes the game even more enjoyable.


This Apple Watch game demands less forceful tapping, and each tap will rotate the screen. You avoid colliding with the wall with each 90-degree rotation. Stay alert since the route will shift every five laps. The pace quickens and the difficulty increases to keep you on your toes. A recent update got rid of the advertising during game time.

Par 72 Golf Watch

Even though it's on a little gadget like the Apple Watch, this golf game is surprisingly intricate and functions perfectly. The easy game is greatly enhanced by its gorgeous visuals. Golf is really simple to learn and has a par of 72. 

You'll feel like the next Tiger Woods once you've mastered choosing the proper club, accounting for wind patterns, and exerting the proper amount of force! Undoubtedly, this is one of the best Apple Watch games.


With over 1,900 users and amazing reviews, Solitaire is one of the best games you can play in your free time.  It is simple to play, and you can put in many hours to attempt to succeed. 

Trivia Crack

Fans of trivia, here's good news for y'all! 

This incredibly well-curated game for your Apple Watch lets you discover something useful while having fun. Trivia Crack has excellent visuals and a bug-free gameplay experience, making it one of the top Apple Watch games.

Truth or Dare

Play a game of Truth or Dare with your pals, but choose the questions and challenges with your Apple Watch. Keep prejudice at bay and refrain from exploiting someone's darkest secrets against them. In any case, this is a fantastic game that can be used as an icebreaker in a casual situation, even if it is awkward.

Note: Please be aware that this game contains some topics and challenges that are not suitable for kids.

Watch Pet

Do you really want a new pet but your roommate or landlord is against it? Download one to your Apple Watch! Choose your virtual furry (or finned) friend from among cats, dogs, and fish. Watch Pet may become one of your new favorite Apple Watch games, thanks to its vibrant graphics and simple controls. 

There is evidence to support the claim that pets are good for our bodies and minds. While Watch Pet doesn't guarantee dopamine, it will make your day happier with a cuddly corgi or other pet of your choosing.

To Conclude

That summarizes our selection of the top Apple Watch games you should play on your wrist, which range from quiz games to vintage games and even multiplayer games.

Games on the Apple Watch provide something for everyone. 

Get Set Gaming!

Best Apple Watch Games - FAQs

1. Are there any games on Apple Watch?

The whole point of an Apple Watch is to keep you fit, healthy, and productive. However, occasionally having some fun never harmed anyone! Apple Watch lets you play a number of games such as 2048, Laps, Solitaire, and even paid games like KOMRAD, Pocket Bandit, and many more.

2. Do games work on Apple Watch?

Apart from having top-notch hardware and software, Apple Watches have been designed to also keep your mental well-being in mind. The good news is that you can play puzzles, arcades, and racing games on your wrist, on the Apple Watch.

3. Are there Apple arcade games for Apple Watch?

Apple Watch offers a number of arcade games like Arcadia, the most popular of all. The game brings the good-old arcade machines to your Apple Watch. The good thing is that there aren't any commercials, IAPs, or user monitoring so you can just play in peace and get a blast from the past.

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