Improving lives one
video at a time.

Improving lives one video at a time.

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Not one, two cameras. A self-facing and world-facing camera for you to capture the amazing as it happens. 

How it works.

Built on the power of live video, we help prevent emergencies before they happen. Protect connects you with family and friends and gives you immediate access to a better and faster 911 emergency response.

Geolocation is
constantly available.

Live Broadcasting
and Cloud Recording

Safe contacts lean-in live by
video, audio and text.

Instant access to emergency services

If the “911” function is engaged, data and tagged photos are shared with the 911 center and first responders, potentially resulting in lives saved through faster, better targeted emergency response.

Your safety is our priority

Anytime you go out for a run, get in a car, send the kids to school, or head out for the evening and leave the kids behind we have you covered.

"My daughter feels more confident and
much safer because she is protected."

"Just knowing it's there
makes me feel safer."

"I never feel alone because the people that I trust are
always there for me when I need them most."

"The ability to lean-in live and remote
dial is a gamechanger."

Our top priority is your peace of mind.

The most advanced personal safety platform for you, your family and friends.

Enhanced 911 & Emergency Services.

Empowering emergency responders with crucial data and information to improve your safety.

Live Lean-in Video on any device.

Never miss important moments. Be there and fully present precisely when you need it.

Real-time threat detection

Automatic AI scene analysis instantly identifies and flags potential issues.

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