Best Apple Watch bands for Women - Elegant to Sporty, We Got You Covered!

Best Apple Watch bands for Women - Elegant to Sporty, We Got You Covered!

When you buy an Apple Watch it becomes an indispensable part of your daily routine. From workouts to parties and events, you put it on your wrist first thing in the morning and it is the last thing that you take off when you wind down for the day. 

Since your best friend is always by your side, a silicone sports band doesn’t really do its looks justice for every occasion, does it? It is only justified that you customize your Apple Watch with a new strap or a band that makes your smartwatch look like a piece of jewelry and less like a fitness tracker. 

To help you pick out a perfect band for every occasion, we’ve arranged the best Apple Watch bands for women to help rock a chic yet casual look for office or brunch with friends. We might sprinkle in some tech wizardry too. Let’s get started!

Best Apple Watch bands for Women - Tech

We know Apple Watch bands come in leather, metal, or fabric. But, did you know that Apple Watch bands could also take a photo and a selfie? Say hello to the Wristcam band.

1. Wristcam Wearable Camera 


With Wristcam, you will never miss a moment again. This wearable camera is fully integrated into an Apple Watch and extracts every bit of performance from the watchOS platform. 

It turns your Watch’s display into a viewfinder with a Sony-based 2-megapixel front-facing camera and an 8-megapixel rear-facing camera. The front-facing selfie camera takes 1080 x 1440 resolution pictures. With the Wristcam band, you can take either 2,000 photos or 1 hour of video. 

It doesn’t modify your Apple Watch, it just replaces your existing Apple Watch band with the Wristcam band. You just need to download the free Wristcam iPhone app and then you are good to start snapping. 

In the box you get the Wristcam wearable camera, USB charging cable, Dual USB port power adapter, and storage tin. 

Best Apple Watch bands for Women - Leather bands 

Let’s kick start this list with leather bands that help you achieve that casual yet stylish look. The first one on the list is:

2. Oxa Leather Slim Band

This band, albeit leather, proves that leather straps don’t need to be bulky and brown. It is ideal for smaller wrists and has beads on both sides of the strap that meet the watch providing a slimmer fit. 

The color range is wide for both the adapter fitting and leather. Moreover, you can even monogram the strap for extra style points. Sizing options available are in 38,40,42,44 mm.      

3. Fullmosa Calf Leather Band

Priced at around $13, the Fullmosa calf leather band is one of the best apple watch bands for women. It comes in a lot of different colors and sizes from 38mm to 45mm. Buying a few straps would be a good idea as you can match them with different outfits. 

4. JSGJMY Leather Band

Similar to the leather band above, the JSGJMY leather band is affordable with color options such as pink, light tan, and navy. The watch comes in different sizes such as 38,40,42,44mm and are available for the current Apple Watch models. The band comes with an adapter for a snug fit to your Watch as well as a TPU case. 

5. InkyGoat Galaxy Leather Strap

This high-quality leather strap is handmade in the UK and is printed with eco-inks. The band is super comfortable and comes in a large selection of prints. One of their best designs is the star-studded galaxy design. Since it is made from high-quality goat leather, the price is around $60 and size options are from 38mm to 44mm. 

6. Rose Gold and Chocolate Bracelet

The Apple Watches are known for their bulky size on the wrist. But buying the Rose gold and chocolate bracelet band may reduce the chunky size of the watch. The double wrap style is just 7mm, making it significantly thinner than the average band. The size options are quite less, only 40mm and 44mm, but it features an adjustable buckle that fastens nicely to add detail that is not available elsewhere. 

7. Alto

Alto’s Apple Watch bands for women come in six leather options and are a fantastic consideration to upgrade the Watch’s style. The best thing about these bands is that they are unisex and are available in 38, 42, 40, and 44mm size options. 

8. Marge Plus Genuine Leather Band

If you want your Apple Watch to give more of a classic look, the Marge Plus leather band is an excellent option. The leather strap is available in 12 different colors with four different size options: 38, 40, 42, and 44mm. Another good thing about this strap is that it is available in all Apple Watch sizes for around $16. 

Best Apple Watch Bands for Women - Link and Metal

A link and metal band make your watch look more like a piece of jewelry and less like a fitness tracker. This is why these bands are ideal for parties and social events. Here are a few options: 

9. Secbolt Stainless Steel Band

This stylish steel band is more for a slender wrist and features a rhinestone, which adds more pizzazz to your Watch. The jewelry style band comes with six folding clasps and they are easily removable for you to find the right fit. With a price tag of around $14 and various size options from 38mm to 45mm, this band is a grab. 

10. Oulucci Metal Band

Ideal for parties and events, this stainless steel link band is available in six colors for an affordable price of around $16. Its size fits all Apple Watch models and it features six folding clasps that don’t require a tool to find the ideal fit. The sizes available are 38, 40, 42, and 44mm. 

11. ZXCASD Slim Watch Band

Here’s another elegant option to add glitz to your style. This stainless steel mesh band comes with a magnetic clasp for s snug fit and it is also available in silver and pink mesh looks. So, you can have a collection of bands for different events as they are affordable and come with a price tag of almost $13 and size variations from 38mm to 44mm. 

Best Apple Watch Bands for Women - Sport

Whether you jog every day or go to the gym and lift weights, these sporty Apple Watch bands are for women because they are lightweight and rugged. These bands can take a lot of movement, which comes with exercising, and will not snap halfway through your gym session. Here are a few options:

12. Bracelet Silicone Sport Band

This is not a regular silicone band because it directly locks into the case and its stainless steel buckle ensures that the slimmer strap design doesn’t move from its place while you workout. The band is available in 15 different colors and different sizes from 38mm to 45mm for a price of almost $9. 

13. Acrbiutu Sport Band

This sport band has a narrower look than regular sport bands and its stainless steel pin fastens the watch to give you the freedom to go hard and sweat or to go for a dip in the pool. This band comes in various colors for around $7 and has size options from 38mm to all the way up to 45mm. 

Best Apple Watch Bands for Women - Designer Options

Everyone should have a designer watch without breaking their bank and that’s precisely where this designer Apple Watch bands come into play. These bands are a mix of style, elegance, glamor, and fashion. Let’s take a look at them:

14. Adepoy Fabric Cloth Band

The fabric leather adds a big splash of color to your Watch all for just around $11. The band fits all Apple Watch models and comes with a snap button to fasten it in place. The rose gold strap with the rainbow strap is a standout combo, but you can also buy it in grey, lavender, army green, black, and wine colors as well. The size varies from 38mm to 45mm. 

15. Lilly Pulitzer Leather Band

This leather band has all the makings of a designer band and it dresses your Watch with a Lilly Pulitzer blossom pattern. The band has gold metal at the end of the clips to ensure that it stays in place and adds a powerful look to your Watch. It only comes in two sizes 38mm and 40mm and is priced at around $49. 

16. Muranne Fabric Band

If you don’t prefer leather, silicone, or mesh then the Murrane fabric band is the ideal option for you. It comes in a lot of colorful fabric options combined with a stainless steel buckle. The price is around $8 and the sizes available are 38, 40, 42, and 44mm.  

17. Secbollt Floral Leather Band

If you want something that sits on your wrist elegantly, then this leather band makes a perfect partner for you. The band is slimmer than the majority of Apple’s official bands and the floral option has 22 different looks that come with stainless steel buckles. The band sits around $10 and size variations available are: 38, 40, 42, and 44mm. 

To Wrap it Up

Spending a ton of money on your smartwatch and rocking a basic look every day and everywhere doesn’t have to be the case with you. With the above-mentioned Apple Watch bands for women, you’ll have several fashion choices and have several bands to match your outfits every day. Be it your office, a party, or a gym, you’ll never look the same everywhere.

Apple Watch bands for Women FAQs

1. How do I know what brand to buy for my Apple Watch?

Smaller wrists will need smaller Apple Watch options and bigger wrists will need bigger models. The 40/41mm models will fit wrists sized 130 to 200mm and the 44/45mm Watch models will fit wrists between 140 and 220mm.

2. Does it matter what size Apple watch band you get?

Correct Apple Watch band sizes coordinated with the correct size of the device itself ensure a proper fit. When buying a band you must choose one that fits the size of your watch.

3. What is women's standard watch band length?

Just like jewelry, watch bands are made to standard lengths. For women, the standard is between 6 3/4 inches and 8 inches but it depends on the style and the manufacturer.

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