Apple Watch Ultra vs Garmin: Which One Should You Choose?

Apple Watch Ultra vs Garmin: Which One Should You Choose?

On September 7, Apple unveiled its new watch intended for severe outdoor conditions at its Far Out conference. Is the Apple Watch Ultra durable enough to convince you to ditch your Garmin despite having a far longer battery life than any of Apple's earlier watch models?

If you need to choose between the Apple Watch Ultra vs Garmin, we're here to assist you in making the best choice. 

In this blog, we will compare the two best watches, Apple Watch Ultra vs Garmin, across categories like battery, display, accessibility, and so on.

Comparing Apple Watch Ultra vs Garmin

Given that Apple and Garmin are two of the top manufacturers of wearables, you would think that choosing between the two would be difficult. However, if you give some thought to the reasons you might want to buy a wristwatch, it should be simple to choose the brand that's best for you. 

Apple Watch Ultra vs Garmin: Design

Let's start by looking at the design. The 49mm aerospace-grade titanium casing of the Apple Watch Ultra has a flat sapphire crystal lens. An AMOLED display with always-on is located beneath the sapphire crystal. This display can be converted to a read-only night mode, which is gentler on the eyes after dark and won't damage your vision at night.

Apple Watch Ultra vs Garmin: Battery

On a single battery charge, Apple Watch will function for a minimum of 18 hours every day!

A full charge on a Garmin watch should often last much longer before it has to be recharged, with the usual caveat regarding the broad Garmin range. The Fenix 7 can operate for 18 days, but most models only last a week. You may further increase battery life by activating power-saving features or by choosing a more costly device with solar recharge.

Apple Watch Ultra vs Garmin: Accessibility

The Digital Crown of the Apple Watch Ultra has been updated to be simpler to use when wearing gloves, and there is also a physical button on the side of the watch that can be set to do various tasks.

One button is clearly insufficient for adventurers, even when it is combined with a better Digital Crown. The majority of the top GPS watches include many buttons for different functions. 

Let us suppose you use Garmin Fenix, Epix, or Forerunner. You’ll have specific buttons for specific activities. For example:

  • Top right button for starting or pausing your activity
  • Bottom right button for logging a new lap
  • The top left button will always turn on the screen light

There's no need to consider or even to look down at your wrist.

Apple Watch Ultra vs Garmin: Activities

It's a significant upgrade over the typical Apple Watch design, which has essentially not changed for many years, for activities on the trail, lake, or crag. The flat lens should be more resistant to bumps and drops, and the physical button means you are not dependent on a touchscreen.

A selection of sport-specific bands and a very precise GPS are other features of the Apple Watch Ultra. Due to a recent collaboration with the manufacturer of diving gear Oceanic, the Ultra may also be used as gear for scuba divers.

Garmin, a manufacturer of smartwatches that have traditionally been a favorite of high-performance athletes, appears to be taking on the Apple Watch Ultra.

Apple Watch Ultra vs Garmin: Navigation

With dual-band GPS, the Apple Watch Ultra should be able to locate your location more precisely in areas where large structures, trees, or cliffs are blocking or reflecting the radio signal from satellites.

Dual-band GPS is available on several of the top Garmin watches, including the Enduro 2 and Forerunner 955.

The Apple Watch Ultra may or may not contain a function similar to Garmin's SatIQ, which automatically adjusts GPS settings to balance precision and power consumption. However, a software upgrade is planned for later this autumn and will provide a battery-saving option.

Apple Watch Ultra vs Garmin: Connectivity

The ability to make calls, download applications, stream music, and sync data using your watch without a Bluetooth connection to your phone is known as cellular connectivity.

Cellular connectivity is one feature that differentiates the Apple Watch Ultra from other robust GPS watches. This is undoubtedly an advantage in Apple's favor because Forerunner 945 LTE is the only cellular Garmin watch available.

Final Verdict

So, which is a better choice for you: Apple Watch Ultra vs Garmin? Simply put - there’s no one watch fits all. What matters most when choosing a watch is the features you value the most.

The Apple Watch Ultra is the best option if you want a multipurpose wristwatch that works well with your other Apple devices and has a tonne of fitness and health features.

A Garmin will be more useful if you, at the end of the day, immediately hit the tracks, the gym, or even the tennis court, or love adventure sports.

You'll pay quite a bit for the tough outdoor versions, and it might not be the stylish all-arounder that the Apple Watch is.

Apple Watch Ultra vs Garmin - FAQs

1. Which is more accurate: Apple watch or Garmin?

Even though the Apple Watch 7 series is far more accurate than past models, many people still believe that Garmin is still the more precise and reliable option. And for long-distance runners, that is key!

2. Is the Apple Watch Ultra a dive computer?

The new Depth app that comes with the Ultra shows the time, exact depth, the temperature of the water, time spent underwater, and water depth. The Ultra functions as a dive gadget with the help of the brand-new Oceanic+ software, which will be made available later this year.

3. How big is the new Apple Watch Ultra?

The updated watch has a redesigned 49 mm shell, a clearer screen, night vision, and what the manufacturer claims are the most advanced face yet for the Apple Watch.

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